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Welcome to the Master’s Program in Education

The Master’s Program in Education is the master’s course of the University of Tsukuba Graduate School. This program is intended to endow students with precise and deep knowledge from a broad perspective and to cultivate research capability in the education sector, as well as related specialized skills and abilities. In terms of these objectives, we offer two programs, namely School Leadership and Professional Development and Secondary Education. These two programs work in collaboration to teach the fundamentals of expertise in school education and subject education. We aim to develop teachers as high-level professionals who utilize their special certificate expertise and master’s degree (educational science), while having a global perspective and practical education skills.
We strive to accept as students working adults and overseas students, as well as incumbent teachers, in accordance with the purport of the establishment of these programs.
The Master’s Program in Education is the only independent Masters course in the University of Tsukuba Graduate School. Since the establishment of the teacher-training school in 1872, the long history and tradition of this program have created its reputation as one of the best education and research centers in Japan.